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Enjoying the taste of our 100% Iberian Acorn-fed is very easy, place your order at the official SABORES DE JABUGO online store and you will receive your products within 48 hours in the direction that you prefer.

We export our gourmet products. Contact us to know the chance to taste flavors from Jabugo in your country. We may surprise you with free shipping.

We send you each piece vacuum-packed to protect it and conserve its maximum quality.

If the occasion requires it or you want it, you can request Deluxe packaging or a personalized card.


Back guarantee

All our products have a guarantee of total quality that includes the replacement of the piece, if it was not in tip-top condition. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Our experts are responsible for addressing inquiries and provide you with the highest quality. If you have any questions please contact us at or consult the Purchase Conditions on the top menu of the store.

Product warranty:

We have the highest level of health control guaranteed by a detailed traceability system, i.e. monitoring of the product from the source until it arrives at your table.